Our Process

There are seven steps in our process.

Our Process Steps are outlined below:

  1. Contact us and submit your business plan via this website. We will try to be responsive. However, before you submit your business plan or any other information to us, please carefully read the Terms of Use below. Unless we otherwise agree in a signed writing, we are not under any confidentiality or other legal obligation with respect to your business plan or other information that you submit to us.

  2. Assuming your business is a fit with our investment criteria, we'll probably set up a time for an initial phone call. On the initial phone call, you should be prepared to tell us about your business: What do you do? What problem does your product or service address? Who's on the management team? What's the market like? Who's the competition and why you are better? How much money will it take to accomplish that and where are you at in fundraising?

  3. We'll then talk amongst ourselves about whether we think we are a good fit for your company and let you know that either the answer was no or that we'd like you to meet with our whole group.

  4. Next, you'll meet with our whole group and repeat your story again. It takes a couple repetitions for all of the important parts to come through. In the meantime, we've probably been digging in a little - we may ask for some more information.

  5. We'll then decide whether we want to move to "deep due diligence". Deep due diligence can consists of lots of work. In some cases it will consist of on-site visits by our group to meet with you some more, information requests, and work that we'll do in the background.

  6. If, after all that work, we're still excited about you, we'll discuss investing in your company. If terms aren't perfect, some negotiation will follow, as we try to to ensure that the deal structure aligns us all behind making the business as successful as possible. After that, we'll work with you to produce the legal documents, finish any outstanding due diligence, and complete the investment process.

  7. Going forward: we will work with you to build your business, providing assistance on such matters as board management, strategic focus, financial management, and exit planning.