Investment Criteria

Let's cover the basics first.

Industries of interest:

We only work with companies in industries where our professionals have investing experience. Right now, this means software and technology-enabled business services, energy, and High-tech chemical/biotech manufacturing.

Stage of Companies:

We invest in early-stage companies up to the Private Equity Stage. To us, "early", in early-stage, means companies with an existing product or service, are beyond the pilot/beta stage and have a developing management team. Typically, this means you'll have been financed to date by friends, family members, angel investors, and/or other seed fund investors.

Business Location:

Typically, we invest in companies that are within a 2 to 3-hour drive of our offices. We are a long-time Denver family (currently, 6 generations) with many roots and contacts in the Denver area. This provides our investments with assistance on many levels.

Amount Invested:

We are Micro Investors and typically invest $200,000 or less per investment.

If you think we're the one for you, send us your business plan.