About UsAre you having difficulty getting the attention of Capital Firms?

The problem

In the United States there is a shortage of capital, especially targeting early-stage companies. Although angel investors' activity and state-based support for start-up companies have been accelerating, demand for capital is increasing faster than supply. At the same time, several of the early-stage venture firms that historically served this region are no longer making new investments. Others have shifted to later-stage (i.e. already profitable or generating significant revenue) companies. All of these trends have made it hard for entrepreneurs to continue the momentum started with the help of their friends and family.

Ahlborg Acquisitions

We formed Ahlborg Acquisitions in early 2011 to help serve this gap. We are micro funders ($200,000 or less) that invest in early-stage companies and private equity. While Ahlborg Acquisitions may be new, we are leveraging the investment experience and business-building skills and resources developed over the past five decades by our principals — Tom Ahlborg, Bill Ahlborg, and Steve McBride.

We share a common view of the benefits of a “hands-on” approach to capital investing — benefits both to our partner companies and ourselves. This vision drives everything we do — from the number of investments we'll make (a select group of no more than ten), to the geography we cover (places we can drive to in 2-3 hours), to the industries we'll invest in (only things we know).

We strive to

We won't do